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Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently.  The way we challenge the status quo is by seeking out excellent investments that are managed by  excellent investment managers.

The mark of an excellent investment manager is one who has superior performance in bad markets as well as good.  We let our performance do the talking for us and are happy to share our performance results.

Our investment model is comprised of actively managed  investments designed to protect your principle combined with superior performance.

We do not utilize the normal commissioned mutual funds and annuities marketed by most investment advisors.  We utilize a fee based tactically managed model offering complete liquidity and transparency.

Call  to see if we can improve your investments.          330-598-1818  Medina      614-467-8991 Dublin


Our mission is to be relentless in our pursuit of identifying the very best investments.

With every move we make, we keep you, our client in mind and always put our clients first. We are focused on providing our clients with customized investment plans, retirement solutions and comprehensive investment management individually designed for our client's specific requirements.  We focus on searching for and utilizing "best in class investments" for every component of our client's portfolio.   We welcome the challenge to compare our investment returns with any other.


    We are a true licensed Fiduciary and by law must always act in your best interest

Many advisors claim they are a Fiduciary, however many follow what is called a hybrid model.  This simply means they maintain dual licensing which allows them to offer investments that pay them a commission from your money while still stating they are a Fiduciary.  To be certain you are working only with a true Fiduciary be sure your advisor does not carry any other investment license.  If they do, you are not working with a true Fiduciary.  

               The Series 65 license is the only license we carry.  This insures you are working with a true Fiduciary in every respect.

We are NOT commissioned sales people, but a fee based trusted advisor.

We do not sell products, we provide solutions and full transparency in every respect..


What We Do

Investment management and retirement planning is our specialty and our only business. The majority of our assets under management have been acquired primarily through referrals which is something we are very proud to state.

We approach investing differently than most other investment advisors.  We do not offer retail mutual funds and variable annuities for two main reasons. The first reason is that most are commissioned based, contain hidden fees, cause an inherent conflict of interest and can take money from your account to pay the advisor before the investment was ever made.  The second reason is that mutual funds and variable annuities cannot move to cash to protect your principal in a bad market.

 Our investment portfolios are actively managed on a daily basis. We have partnered with excellent investment managers  that have extensive experience managing money in both bull and bear markets.   We offer the unique ability to provide potentially excellent returns in all types of markets. Our past investment returns speak themselves.

We are more than happy to share ALL of our past investment returns, month-by-month, year-by-year "after fees" so you can see first-hand the type of returns we have been able to generate in both good and bad markets.  

 Developing customized financial and retirement plans and walking our clients through a step-by-step process that helps them feel confident and understand their decisions is what we do best. We take great pride in understanding our client's individual needs and goals while forming long lasting relationships.  


When it comes to investing and retirement planning, most investment firms say they have the answer.

The question is: Can They Prove It - Before You Invest Your Money?

We can.

  With independent third party data, we compare your current investments with our recommendations.  As previously mentioned, we let our investment returns do the talking for us.

Gives us a chance  and see if we can make your investments better - before you decide to invest. The comparison is free.

For complete details call us at

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