Who We Are 

LoPresti Financial Group is a fee based independent investment advisory firm specializing in a low risk, low volatility safe & secure investment methodology that creates a clear pathway for financial success. We specialize in conservative investments with non-conservative returns. We focus on creating value, security and peace of mind for our clients and their families. 

How We Can Help 

We focus on protecting our client's life savings from market volatility. Keeping your principal and interest protected and no longer having to worry about the market ups and downs is our number one priority.  Our main priority is protecting your principal. However, safety and the goal of protecting your principal doesn't mean boring returns.

We develop customized financial plans and walk our clients through a step-by-step process that helps them feel confident and understand their decisions. We take great pride in understanding our client's individual needs and goals while forming long  lasting relationships with our clients so we can continue to provide a high level of service as their needs change.  We reduce risk and provide stability to protect our clients from the "unknowns" in life.  This predictability allows us to implement sustainable investment and retirement plans to protect our clients form the unexpected.

Our Investment Philosophy

At LoPresti Financial Group, we believe in providing our clients with safe, secure investments and low risk and low volatility portfolio management. Through our unique Money Management System, we look after our clients by  protecting what they have worked so hard to build. We strive to build portfolios utilizing conservative investments with non-conservative returns.

 We help our clients through our fee-based asset management always ensuring their individual needs remain our top concern.  We have access to a platform of exceptional Private Wealth Managers unavailable to many independent advisors and large brokerage firms.


What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better

There are many things that makes us different from the traditional investment advisor. First and foremost we are a Fiduciary where we must always act in your best interest.  As specialists, we focus on protecting your life assets from market volatility and provide ongoing financial management to protect and grow your assets.  To find out how we really are different please feel free to call us .


Call us today to learn about our exceptional Private Wealth Managers unavailable to many independent advisor and large brokerage firms. We are pleased to provide a  complimentary consultation to answer any questions you may have.   

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