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       What's our story?


Dino LoPresti was previously employed by one of the largest Wall Street investment firms.  

He knows first-hand how the investment business "really" works.

He fully understands  the majority of investors do not truly understand their investments.  Nor do they realize that many of their investments may be undermining their financial security with excessive risk, lack of liquidity and potentially undisclosed fees and commissions that are being deducted from their accounts.

In far too many instances, a client's investment may be better for the investment advisor than it is for the client. This is not the best way to invest and build financial security.



LoPresti Financial Group is a true Fiduciary only investment advisor. It simply means at LoPresti Financial Group we will never suggest an investment that pays us a commission from your money.  By law, we must always act in our client's best interest.  Even, if we were not required by law to act in our client's best interest  -  we would do it anyway.  Management fees are completely transparent and are illustrated on the first page of our account statements. 



We challenge the status quo is by seeking out tactical investments that are managed by active investment managers.  

The mark of an active investment manager is one who is defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times.  We are happy to meet with you and see if our managers are a good fit for you.  We are happy to share ALL of our past performance returns with you. 

Our investment model is comprised of actively managed investments designed to be low in volatiltiy.

We do not utilize the normal commission based investments by some firms.  We use a fee centered tactically managed investment model offering complete liquidity and full transparency.


Our mission is to be relentless in our pursuit of identifying tactical investments.

 In our opinion we have partnered with some of the finest active money managers available.   An actively managed tactical investing model is utilized.  In simple terms: we have the ability to move to cash to help  protect you in a market down-turn.  We also have the ability to "inverse" the market with the potential to make money when the market is up or down.  Additionally offering the ability to potentially make money when interest rates rise or fall provides another opportunity for investment success.   Regardless of market conditions, protection of principle is our main priority.


         We are A  Fiduciary ONLY ADVISOR and by law must always act in your best interest

Many advisors claim they are a Fiduciary, however many follow what is called a hybrid model.  This simply means they maintain dual licensing which allows them to offer investments that pay them a commission from your money while still stating they are a Fiduciary.  This seems to be quite disingenuous.

To be certain you are working only with a true Fiduciary only advisor, be sure your advisor is registered with a Registered Invesment Advisor.  If they aren't you may not be working with a true Fiduciary.


Complimentary portfolio analysis

Using independent third party data from Morningstar and Zephyr, the independent data will compare your current investments with the personal recommendations we feel are best for your specific situation.  The data will show how each investment performed in a full market cycle.

  • There is no selling involved, it is pure math. 
  • Give yourself an opportunity and see if your investments can be improved.
  • The comparison is free and the report is yours to keep.  No strings attached.

For a sincere, no gimmick conversation regarding your investments


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